ArcGIS™ Geodatabase Design with UML

Geodatabase design using open standards

Enterprise Architect supports the design of geodatabases for the ArcGIS 10.0 suite of tools developed by Esri Inc.

Key Tools:

  • UML profile for ArcGIS
  • New ArcGIS diagram type and toolbox support
  • Model Pattern for ArcGIS Workspaces
  • Quick Linker to help build valid ArcGIS schemas
  • Generate ArcGIS 10.0 schemas in XML
  • Reverse engineer legacy geodatabases in UML

Video Demonstration

ArcGIS Tutorial

Communicate Geospatial Designs

As a standards-based modeling environment, Enterprise Architect empowers geospatial domain experts:

  • Visualize geospatial database design using UML
  • Communicate designs to enterprise stakeholders
  • Link geodatabase designs directly to enterprise and system models and requirements
  • Trace from corporate strategy to realization by critical GIS components.
Corporate geospatial information management is no longer relegated to 'back-room' status!

Model and Generate Geodatabase Schemas

Visual modeling of geospatial databases can help to improve productivity. Enterprise Architect now includes Sparx Systems' UML profile for ArcGIS. Simply drag and drop ArcGIS feature types onto a diagram and visually connect these elements, just as you would for a UML Class diagram. Then leverage Enterprise Architect's built-in schema generator to create an ArcGIS workspace from your model. Document once and eliminate manual implementation!

Feature Classes

Visualize Legacy Geodatabases

You can also work in reverse. If you have a legacy geospatial database that you need to visualize, simply import the XML workspace document that contains the ArcGIS schema, and Enterprise Architect will do the rest. You'll have a visual model of your geodatabase, based on industry-standard UML notation.

You can easily navigate reverse engineered geodatabase models using built-in tools, such as Enterprise Architect's Pan & Zoom view and the model search facility.

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Support for modeling ArcGIS databases in Enterprise Architect was developed in collaboration with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), who defined mappings between UML 2 and ArcGIS concepts, and prototyped an automated import and export capability for ArcGIS geodatabase schemas represented in UML.

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