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Model Driven

Systems Design

Integrating many high-end features for systems engineers, the Ultimate and Systems Engineering editions of Enterprise Architect provide SysML modeling, parametric model simulation, executable code generation, and model-to-code transformations for Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) and Ada 2012.

SysML and model simulation

Enterprise Architect enables you to develop SysML models quickly and simply, through a tightly integrated profile. The SysML profile for Enterprise Architect supports each of the nine SysML 1.4 diagram types and model guidance using the Quick Linker.

The Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect also provide simulation of SysML Parametric diagrams. This supports engineering analysis of critical system parameters, including the evaluation of key metrics such as performance, reliability and other physical characteristics.

Systems Engineering in Enterprise Architect

Advanced behavioral modeling and executable code generation

Enterprise Architect can associate detailed behaviors with UML Activity and Interaction elements, allowing for executable code to be generated from Interaction (Sequence) and Activity models. This allows for more than just code stubs to be derived from models, by generating any nested behavioral models that define executable statements such as conditional logic, looping constructs and assignments.

Hardware Description Languages

The Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect support code generation from State Machine models into Hardware Description Languages (HDLs) such as VHDL, Verilog and SystemC.

Collaborative Tools For Model-Based Systems Engineering

Modeling Technologies

Systems Design - Simulation Activity
Systems Design - Code Debug

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Systems Design - Gantt View
Advanced Team-Driven Systems Engineering
Examples of State machines, Gantt Charts and Code Engineering

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A scalable and multi-user, domain-specific mode- ling platform. Couple with technologies like SysML and DDS; Enterprise Architect is the complete systems modeling environment.


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