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Export ArcGIS XML Workspace

When you have modeled your Geodatabase Workspace XML Document (containing the ArcGIS schema), you can export it to an external directory (using the Publish Model Package facility), from which you can then import it to the Esri ArcCatalog.

Access    Click on an ArcGIS stereotyped package (your ArcGIS Workspace Package) in the Project Browser, then select either:
Extensions | Publish | ArcGIS
Extensions | ArcGIS | Export to ArcGIS Workspace XML
Project | Model Publisher
Project | Model Import/Export | Export Package to XMI File: Publish,   or
Right-click | Import/Export | Export Package to XMI: Publish

Export the Workspace



See also

Root Package

Display the name of the selected ArcGIS Workspace package.




Type in or browse for the file path into which the XML file is to be generated.



XML Type

Select ArcGIS as the XML/XMI version to export the package to.



Format XML Output

Format the output into readable XML (this takes a few more seconds at the end of the run).



Write Log File

Write a log of the export activity (recommended).

The log file is saved to the directory into which the XML file is exported.



View XML

View the exported XML file.




Initiate XML export.




Close this dialog.




Observe the progress of the XML export.




The MDG Technology for ArcGIS is available in the Professional, Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, System Engineering and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect
In the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, System Engineering and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect, if security is enabled you must have Export XMI permission to export to XML
Before exporting your model to an ArcGIS schema, you must define at least one Spatial Reference element; Spatial Reference elements are referred to by other schema elements via a dynamically linked Tagged Value, named SpatialReference
The DefaultSpatialReference tag on an ArcGIS package is used to specify a Spatial Reference that can be applied to all Feature Datasets and Feature Classes in the workspace; therefore, you do not need to apply a Spatial Reference element to each Feature Dataset or Feature Class
If you do not reference a Spatial Reference Class from any Feature Dataset or Feature Class in your ArcGIS model, Enterprise Architect by default will generate an XML schema with Unknown type of Spatial Reference for these elements

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