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Define Learning Center Content

When you define a Learning Center Toolbox or page, you specify the content - the facilities provided by the page - through a range of attributes. On the deployed page each facility is identified and accessed by, effectively, a button that consists of:

An icon that identifies the type of facility, such as a Help topic, document, video clip or shortcut to a dialog (defined by the attribute name)
A label that identifies the name of the facility (defined in the Initial Value field in the attribute properties)

The options in the Learning Center page are listed in the same order as you list the attributes in the Attribute Properties dialog. You can therefore group the attributes according to the type of facility they define (for example, have all documents together), and/or arrange the facilities in a sequence appropriate to the process they support. You could also create all attributes for each type of facility in a separate Stereotype element.

Specify the Learning Center Toolbox content



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Text Files


Where folder is the file directory path, relative to the install folder, and filename is the name of the document text file (usually an RTF file).

This is a very significant attribute in creating Learning Center topics. The primary purpose of the Learning Center is to provide information on specific processes and actions, and the easiest way to present this information is in the form of one or more structured documents. Therefore you could very well create several instances of the attribute, each identifying a separate document.


EASystem::ShowDoc(Books\DebugScript.rtf) = Create Debug Scripts



Enterprise Architect Menu Commands

EASystem::MenuCmd(<Command name>)

Where <Command name> is one of the system Main Menu commands; the resulting Learning Center option will execute the command.


EASystem::MenuCmd(Build) = Build a Package


Built-In Learning Center Commands
(first table)

Enterprise Architect Help Topics

EASystem::ShowHelp(<Help Topic filename>)

Where <Help Topic filename> is the .htm filename of the Help topic to display.

To obtain the filename of a Help topic, display the topic, right-click on the page and select the Properties context menu option. The file name is at the end of the Address field; if the whole filename is not visible, click on it and press the right-arrow key.


EASystem::ShowHelp(recording_a_debug_session.htm) = Record a Debugging Session



Website Video Clip Demonstrations

EASystem::ShowMovie(<Video URL>)

Where <Video URL> is the URL of the video clip on the website.


EASystem::ShowMovie( = Set Up Scripts



Enterprise Architect Windows


Where <Command> is a system command. The resulting Learning Center button will open the  corresponding Enterprise Architect window.


EASystem::ShowView(ViewDebug) = Open Debug Window


Built-In Learning Center Commands
(second table)

Web Sites


Where <URL> is the URL of the required web page.


EASystem::ShowURL( = Standards Organizations



Add-In Functions


Where <Add-In> is the name of the Add-In and <Function()> is the name of the public function to execute within the Add-In.


Assembly::ShowMyDiagram() = Show Your Diagram


Run Add-In Functions


Show the Learning Center Toolbox under all subject areas



This is a boolean attribute with Initial Value set to True, which defines a Learning Center Toolbox as common.

The effect of a Learning Center Toolbox being common is mainly seen when:

The parent Technology is set to Active and
You have more than one Learning Center Profile, each containing more than one Learning Center page

The common Toolbox displays at the foot of the Learning Center window, regardless of which other Toolboxes from your Technology are selected.





Manage MDG Technologies

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