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WSDL Message Part

The Message Part icon from the WSDL Toolbox creates an UML Attribute when dropped on a WSDLmessage stereotyped Class. In Enterprise Architect, the WSDL Message Part must be associated with an XSD Type.

WSDL Properties:    Double-click on the UML Attribute in the WSDLmessage stereotyped Class in the diagram or the Project Browser




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Specify the name for the WSDL Message Part.




Specify :

XSD built-in dataType using the drop-down list or
XSD Element or Complex Type or SimpleType Class


The XSD Types can be selected from :

Types package under the WSDL Package Structure or
Any package in the Project Browser



XML Schema



WSDL Package Structure


Save the values entered and close the dialog.




Discard the values entered and close the dialog.




Display this Help topic.




Open the UML Properties dialog.

This button is available when editing the WSDL Message Part.


General Properties of Attributes


WSDLmessage stereotyped Classes can contain WSDL Message Parts only

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