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Import Responsibility or Constraint as Test

If you are creating a test against a responsibility (internal requirement) or internal constraint of an element, you do not have to manually re-type the details into the test record in the Testing window. You can generate a testing record on the element from the responsibility or constraint.

The test record is generated into the test-type tab that you currently have open, and the responsibility or constraint description is copied to the Description tab for the test record.

Access    Select element | Element | Testing    (Alt+3) > <test type tab> | right-click on test list | Import element constraint(s)  or
Select element | Element | Testing    (Alt+3) > <test type tab> | right-click on test list | Import element requirement(s) or
Select element | Element | Element Browser (Alt+9) > Testing folder | right-click on test of required type | <option>

Import a requirement or constraint as a test



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On the Import Constraint or Import Requirements dialog (the two dialogs are identical) review the list of internal requirements or constraints in the selected element.




Click on one of the items to import as a test, or (Ctrl)+click on more than one to import several.

Click on the OK button.

Each item is added to the list of tests in the Testing window, on the selected <test-type> tab, as a standard, 'Not Run' test.




Edit the items to complete their definition as tests.




In the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, System Engineering and Ultimate editions of Enterprise Architect, if security is enabled you must have Manage Tests permission to add, update and delete test records

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