Enterprise Architect has a standard style and appearance, which you can customize to suit your work environment. Several facilities are available for customizing:

The means of issuing commands to the system - such as menus, toolbars and keyboard keys - and the commands themselves
The visual style and color of the user interface
The windows you want to display together on the screen, and their position on the screen (the Workspace Layout)

If you want to quickly select the sets of definitions for the user interface to apply, you can select the Interface Customization option on the Start Page to customize the interface using the Interface Customization Wizard.

On occasion, you might want to use Enterprise Architect for two distinct types of operation at the same time. You can do this by storing registry settings - such as window layouts - to a different path in the registry, by adding the following command line argument when you run Enterprise Architect:


You can also configure a wide range of local options and specific settings for using Enterprise Architect on your workstation, through the Options dialog.

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