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As an Add-In writer you can distribute keys to your Add-In via the Enterprise Architect Keystore, provided that your keys are added using a prefix that allows the system to identify the Add-In to which they belong. EA_GetSharedAddinName is called to determine what prefix the Add-In is using. If a matching key is found in the keystore the License Management dialog will display the name returned by EA_AddinLicenseGetDescription to your users. Finally, when the user selects a key, that key will be passed to your Add-In to validate by calling EA_AddinLicenseValidate.


Function EA_GetSharedAddinName (Repository as EA.Repository) As String








An EA.Repository object representing the currently open model. Poll its members to retrieve model data and user interface status information.


Return Value

A String containing a product name code for the provided Add-In. This will be shown in plain text in any keys added to the keystore. We recommend contacting Sparx Systems directly with proposed values to ensure you don't clash with any other Add-Ins.

For example, the following keys would all be interpreted as belonging to an Add-In returning MYADDIN from this function:



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