Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Tagged Values

UPDM is an extension of UML, which is extended by applying stereotypes to elements, which stereotypes can in turn apply Tagged Values. The Tagged Values provide additional information to that normally associated with a UML element. Since UPDM makes frequent use of Tagged Values, it is worthwhile keeping the Tagged Values window open and docked at all times.

Synchronize Tagged Values

The list of Tagged Values owned by an element can get out of date. Tagged Values can be deleted by a user, or a new version of the UML Profile might define new or modified Tagged Values for an element type. Also, you might apply the stereotype using the stereotype combo box, which doesn't add Tagged Values. If you want to refresh the list of Tagged Values for a single element, you can drag and drop the stereotype from the Diagram Toolbox onto the element and select the Apply option. This only works for single diagram objects, and not for connectors.

If you want to refresh the list of Tagged Values for every element in your model, select Extensions | UPDM | Synchronize Tagged Values.

The URL/URI Tagged Value

In the UPDM Profile Specification the stereotype «UPDMElement» - from which all profile elements are derived -  provides a Tagged Value URL/URI. In the MDG Technology for UPDM, this Tagged Value has been omitted and you must use the standard Enterprise Architect functionality to achieve the same result: that is, open the Properties dialog for the element, select the Files tab or page, and type in a web location.