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Typical Project Roles


Enterprise Architect supports common working practices and tasks that are performed by specific roles and professions. A number of the roles and their responsibilities that the system supports are outlined here.


Role & Responsibilities

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Business Analyst, to create high-level models of business processes


Business Analyst

Software Architect, to map functional requirements, perform real time modeling of objects, design the Deployment model and detail the deliverable components


Software Architect

Software Engineer, to map Use Cases onto Class diagrams, detail the interactions between Classes, define the system deployment and define software Packages


Software Engineer

Developer, to perform round trip code engineering, including reverse engineering of existing code and generation of code from Class elements



Project Manager, to assign resources to elements, measure risk and effort, estimate project sizes, and manage element status, change control and maintenance


Project Manager

Tester, to create test scripts against elements in the modeling environment



Implementation Manager, to:

·Track and assign maintenance-related items to elements within Enterprise Architect
·Rapidly capture and keep records of maintenance tasks such as issues, changes, defects and tasks
·Trace the maintenance of the items and processes involved in system deployment


Implementation Manager

Technology Developer, to create customized additions to the functionality already present within Enterprise Architect


Technology Developer

Database Developer, to develop databases, including modeling database structures, importing database structures from an existing database and generating DDL for rapidly creating databases from a model


Database Developer

You can review a summary of the typical tasks supported for each role, or click on the appropriate role title to explore how Enterprise Architect can assist you in carrying out that role within a model-driven project.

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