Please note : This help page is for an older version of Enteprise Archtiect. The latest help can be found here.

License Management


The License Management dialog in Enterprise Architect enables you to upgrade Enterprise Architect and to register Add-Ins. The dialog lists:

·The currently-registered keys
·The product each key applies to
·When each private key expires
·When each shared key is to be reactivated in the keystore for issue to another user

Access    Help | Register and Manage License Key(s)

License Management options



See also

Add Key

Display the Add Registration Key dialog, which you can use to:

·Register your new Enterprise Architect license
·Obtain a shared key from the Sparx Systems Key Store (available for version 4.51 and above)
·Add a new key to update to a higher version of Enterprise Architect or to register an Add-In


Register a Full License

Add License Keys

Upgrade an Existing License

Register Add-In


Remove Key

Release Key

·(Private Key) Make the Add-In or current version of Enterprise Architect inoperable
·(Shared Key) Release the key to the keystore; however, the Keystore Manager is normally configured to release keys automatically when the user logs off



Place the highlighted key into the clipboard.



Close the dialog.



Display the help for this topic.


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