Insert Elements and Connectors [Enterprise Architect User Guide]

Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Insert Elements and Connectors

When you click on the Diagram | New Element or Connector context menu option, a list of elements and connectors displays. This is the Toolbox Shortcut menu.


The Toolbox Shortcut menu is divided into sections:

·Other - expands to offer options to select elements and connectors from diagram types other than either the current diagram type or pinned Toolbox pages
·The expanded list of elements and connectors for the current diagram type
·Collapsed lists of elements and connectors for pages that have been pinned in the Toolbox; if an MDG Technology:
·is active
·automatically pins Toolbox pages, and
·has pages that redefine UML or Extended pages

     The MDG Technology pages override the UML or Extended pages, which are not shown

·At the end:
·Common - expands to display a list of the common elements and connectors, and
·Artifact - Expands to display a list of the different types of Artifact element you can create


·The list of elements and connectors also displays on the diagram if you press Ctrl or Shift as you right-click the mouse, or if you pressSpacebar or Insert while the cursor is on the diagram

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