Place Recording Markers

This section explains how to place recording markers, which enable you to silently record code execution between two points. The recording can be used to generate a Sequence diagram.

As this process records the execution of multiple threads, it can be particularly useful in capturing event driven sequences (such as mouse and timer events).

Access Analyzer | Breakpoints & Events



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Different recording markers can be used for recording the execution flow; see the related links for information on the properties and usage of these markers.

Marker Types Set Record Markers

Manage breakpoints in the Breakpoint & Markers window.

The Breakpoint & Events Window

Activate and deactivate markers.

Breakpoint and Marker Management

Working with Marker Sets - when you create a breakpoint or marker, it is automatically added to a marker set, either the Default set or a set that you create for a specific purpose.

Working with Marker Sets Recording Activity for a Class


  • The Breakpoint and Marker Management topic (Software Engineering) covers a different perspective

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