Intermediate Event

A BPMN 1.1 Intermediate Event indicates where an event occurs somewhere between the start and end of a Process.

BPEL Properties:

·Double-click on the Intermediate Event in the BPEL diagram
·Right-click on the Intermediate Event | BPEL | BPEL Properties




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Specify the name for the Intermediate Event.



Trigger Type

Select the type for the Intermediate Event, namely:





Depending on the selected Trigger Type, the Details tab changes as follows:




Compensation Trigger Type


Select a BPMN 1.1 Task from the list of all Activities in the Process.



Conditional Trigger Type


Select a BPMN 1.1 Condition from the list of Condition(s) created in the SupportingElements Package.



Error Trigger Type

Error Code

Specify the required error code.



Link Trigger Type

Link Event

Select a Link Event element ( to act as a target for this Link Event ) from the list under the current Process / Sub-Process.



Message Trigger Type

Web Service

Select a BPMN 1.1 Web Service from the Package (in the SupportingElements Package) that represents one of the involved Participants.



Select a BPMN 1.1 Message from the list of Message(s) in the selected Web Service.



Multiple Trigger Type


Select additional BPMN 1.1 Intermediate Events from the list of events in this Process by clicking the ( ... ) button.



Timer Trigger Type

Time Cycle

Specify the value for the time duration.


Time Date

Specify the value for the time date.



Create BPEL 1.1 Model Structure


Save the values entered in the dialog.




Discard the values entered in the dialog.




Display this Help topic.




Open the UML Properties dialog.




·Cancel, None and Signal Event types cannot be mapped to BPEL 1.1
·Either set Time Cycle or Time Date for Timer Trigger Type but not both as they are mutually exclusive fields
·For a Compensation Intermediate Event edge-mounted on an Activity, create a BPMN 1.1 Association from this event to the Compensation Activity; ensure that the IsCompensation tag for the Activity is set to true
·Link Intermediate Event can be used either as a GOTO or an off-page connector; therefore, this event can have either incoming or outgoing Sequence Flows - but not both