FEAF Service Component Reference Model Toolbox Page

The FEAF Service Component Reference Model (SRM) is a business-driven, functional framework classifying Service Components according to how they support business and performance objectives. The model aids in recommending service capabilities to support the reuse of business components and services across the enterprise. The SRM should be structured across horizontal service areas that, independent of the business functions, can provide a leverage-able foundation for reuse of applications, application capabilities, components, and business services.


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A Package to capture the Service Component Reference Model.

Tagged Values � Version


Service Domain

Captures a high-level view of the services and capabilities that support enterprise and organizational processes and applications.

Tagged Values � ServiceDomainID, Definition


Service Type

Groups similar capabilities in support of the domain, providing an additional layer of categorization that defines the context of a specific capability component within a given domain.

Tagged Values � ServiceTypeID, Definition, Referencing Service Domain


Service Component

Captures a set of capabilities that might be exposed through a business or technology interface. Service Components are 'building blocks� to deliver the information management capability to the business.

Tagged Values � ServiceComponentID, Definition, Referencing Service Domain, Referencing Service Type