The TOGAF Diagrams

The MDG Technology for TOGAF provides a number of diagram types to support modeling with TOGAF. These diagrams include:

·TOGAF Diagrams:
·TOGAF Interface
·Conceptual Framework
·Architecture Content
·Architecture Development Method
·Service Model
·Enterprise Contiuum
·Standards Information Base


·Business Motivation Model
·Organization Structure
·Business Logistics
·Business Process


·Data Map


·FEAF Diagrams:
·(FEAF) Business Reference Model
·(FEAF) Service Component Reference Model
·(FEAF) Technical Reference Model
·(FEAF) Performance Reference Model


TOGAF-specific diagrams can be created in the same way as for any other diagram in Enterprise Architect.  When you open a TOGAF diagram, Enterprise Architect automatically opens the appropriate Toolbox pages for that diagram.

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