Add-In Menu

The Zachman Framework sub-menu is available from the Extensions menu on the main menu bar.



Menu Options



See also

Show Framework Interface

Open the Zachman Framework interface diagram.



Insert New Framework Model

Create a new Zachman Framework template model under the selected Package.



Open Example Model

Load the example Zachman Framework model.



Synchronize Tagged Values

Add missing Tagged Values to all elements in the model that require them.

Select this option:

·Whenever a new element is created by any means other than directly dropping the element from the Zachman Framework Toolbox page
·Before using a new version of the Add-In, to update the Tagged Values of elements in existing models to the latest version of the Zachman Framework profile




Synchronize Tagged Values and Constraints



Display the MDG Technology for Zachman Framework Help.




Display the version information for the MDG Technology for Zachman Framework.




·If either the Extensions menu or the Zachman Framework Technology sub-menu is not visible after installing the Zachman Framework Add-In:
·Select Extensions | Manage Add-Ins and select the Zachman Framework Load on Startup checkbox on the Manage Add-Ins dialog, or
· Reset Enterprise Architect's menus by selecting View | Workspaces and Commands > Menu Sets and select the Complete menu set