Add Model Searches

When developing an MDG Technology file, you can include user-defined Model Searches.  You can set these searches up using the Model Search facility, in SQL, in the Query Builder or as an Add-In, and then link them into your MDG Technology.

Access    Tools | Generate MDG Technology File

Add Model Searches to the MDG Technology File



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In your model, create the Model Searches you want to include in your Technology.


Define & Modify Searches


Follow the steps in the Create MDG Technologies topic up to and including Step 6, where you select the Model Searches checkbox.

The MDG Technology Wizard - Model Searches dialog displays, listing the user-defined searches available in the current model.


Create MDG Technologies, Step 6


For each Model Search that you want to incorporate in the Technology, select the checkbox next to the search name.




Click on the Next button to proceed.




·If you use a custom SQL search, the SQL must include ea_guid AS CLASSGUID and the object type
·If you incorporate a Model View that runs searches that you have defined, you must also include those searches in your MDG Technology

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