Field Substitution Macros

The field substitution macros provide access to data in your model. In particular, they are used to access data fields from:


Field substitution macros are named according to Camel casing. By convention, the macro is prefixed with an abbreviated form of the corresponding model element. For example, attribute-related macros begin with att, as in the %attName% macro, to access the name of the attribute in scope.

Macros that represent checkboxes return a value of T if the box is selected. Otherwise the value is empty.

This table lists a small number of project field substitution macros. See the Learn more section for tables listing groups of type-specific macros.

Macro Name



The current time with format: DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS AM/PM.



A unique GUID for this generation.



Program Version (located in an Enterprise Architect dialog by selecting Help | About EA).


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