Override Default Toolboxes

When you are creating a diagram of one of the inbuilt diagram types, the system displays a Diagram Toolbox based on the corresponding default Toolbox Profile. If you have customized a diagram type, it will still apply the system default Toolbox for the base diagram type that you have extended, unless you override that default with an alternative Toolbox that you might have created yourself. For example, you might have your own version of the UML::Class Toolbox that you want to be displayed every time a Class diagram is opened, when your technology is active.

Access    Right-click Toolbox Profile diagram | Properties > General

To replace a system default Toolbox with one of your own, in the Notes field type a RedefinedToolbox clause. For example:


RedefinedToolbox=UML::Class;Alias=Class;Notes=Structural elements for Class diagrams;


This states that the Toolbox defined by this Profile replaces the system Toolbox UML::Class as the default Toolbox for all UML Class diagrams.

Names of system default toolboxes that can be overridden