Associated Files

An element can be linked to one or more files external to the repository, using the Files tab of the element's Properties dialog. Having created the link, you can open the file and read its content from this tab.

Access     On a diagram or in the Project Browser, right-click on element and select:
Properties > Files or
Properties Page | Files

Manage File Links



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File Path

Displays the directory path and name of the file currently selected in the Files list (below).

To add a link to a file, click on the Browse ( ... ) button to display the Locate Files browser and locate and click on the appropriate file name. Then click on the OK button to return to the element Properties dialog.




Click on the drop-down arrow and select the appropriate value to identify the file path as a local directory path or a web address.



Last Write

Displays the date and time the file was last updated.




Displays the size of the file.




Type in any comments or notes on the link to the file.




Click on this button to clear the data entry fields so that you can add a new file link.




Click on this button to save any new or changed details on a linked file.




Displays the list of linked files. Click on a file to select it.




Click on this button to open the selected file.

Local files open in their default application and web files open in the default browser.




Click on this button to remove the link to the associated file.

The link is deleted from the list immediately.




·Linked files are a good way to link elements to additional documentation and/or source code
·You can also insert hyperlinks to other files, in diagrams, and launch them directly from the diagram


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