Insert Operation Parameter

You can add operation parameters to an operation through the in-place editing options, using hotkey commands or menu shortcuts.

Add parameters to operations in a Class diagram element




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Open the diagram containing the element.






Click on the element, and on the operation to update within the element.

The item line is highlighted in a lighter shade (the default is white), to indicate that it has been selected.




Press ( F2 ), or right-click on the selected item to display the context menu and select the Edit Selected option.




Move the cursor inside the parameter brackets and type the parameter name, followed by a colon (for example, bks: for a vector containing books).




Give the parameter a type.

Place the cursor after the colon at the end of the name and add the classifier; either:

·Press ( Ctrl+Space ) to invoke the classifier autocompletion list
·Press ( Ctrl+Shift+Space ) to select a classifier from the Select <Item> dialog or
·Right-click the mouse to display the inline editing options context menu and select the Insert Classifier option


The Select <Item> dialog displays.


Autocompletion List

Select <Item> Dialog


Press ( Enter )  to accept the change or ( Esc )  to cancel the change.

The diagram is updated to reflect the changes.