Drop Packages

When you drag a Package element from the Project Browser onto the current diagram, you can drop it into the diagram as one of a number of different objects, by simple selection from a menu.

Access     Drag existing Package(s) onto the diagram

Select Drop options



See also

Package element

Drop the Package as an element representing the Package in the Project Browser  (a simple link): in this case any changes to the Package are reflected in all diagrams in which it is shown.



Report Specification linked to package

Drop the Package as a Report Specification linked to the Package; a Report Specification is a stereotyped Document Artifact element from which you can generate a report and view the report as a linked document of that element.

Generate Documentation

Generate Report to an Artifact Element


Graph based on package contents


Drop the Package as a Pie Chart or Bar Chart that you can edit to graphically represent some aspect of the Package content.

Chart Elements

Matrix profile


Drop the Package as a Matrix Specification object.

Create Matrix Profile

Package as List

Drop the Package as a Model View chart element that lists the elements within the Package and shows the type (by icon), name, Scope, Status and Author of each element.

Define a Model View Chart

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