Swimlane Details

To define a vertical or horizontal Swimlane on a diagram, you use the Swimlane Details dialog.

Access     Diagram | Swimlanes, Matrix and Kanban > Swimlanes: New or Modify




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Type a name for the Swimlane.




(Optional) Click on the Browse ( ... ) button to browse for and select a classifier for the Swimlane.

To delete a previously-assigned classifier, click on the Browse button and select the <none> option.


Select <Item> Dialog

Back Color

Click on the drop-down arrow and select the color in which to display the Swimlane background.

If the color you require is not shown, click on the Other button and either select from a wider range of standard colors or define a custom color.


Standard Colors

Create Custom Colors



Click on this button to save and apply your changes, and close the dialog.




Click on this button to abort your changes, and close the dialog.



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