Advanced Sub-Menu

The Advanced submenu of the Package context menu provides options for saving the Package as a Profile, transforming the Package, performing a status update across all elements in the Package and applying auto-naming and level numbering to the Package contents.

Access     Project Browser, right-click on a Package | Advanced





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Turn On Level Numbering

(Turn Off Level Numbering)

Select this option to add a sequence number to each element in the Package, based on the element's position in the Package hierarchy.

For nested elements, the numbering indicates level; that is:



This option is only available for Packages, and the numbering only applies to the elements in the Package, not to the diagrams.

If elements are added, moved or deleted from the Package, the numbering automatically adjusts.



Model Requirements

Update Package Status

Select this option to provide a bulk update on the status, phase and version of a Package and its elements.



Update Package Status

Apply Auto Naming to Elements


Select this option to apply configured auto naming conventions to existing elements in the selected Package.


Apply Auto Naming to Existing Elements

Transform Package

Select this option to perform a model transformation on the selected Package.



Transform Elements

Save Package as UML Profile


Select this option to save the selected Package as a UML Profile.


Using UML Profiles