Navigate: Exploring Your Model



Navigating is the process of systematically exploring the structure of your model using the hierarchical and list based views, such as the Project Browser. It is particularly useful when you are familiar with the structure of a model and its Packaged contents. Whereas Searching provides a flat and random set of results, the Project and Package Browsers provide a highly structured viewpoint, reflecting the exact structure of your model.




The Project Browser, the main interface element for exploring and navigating your model

The Project Browser

Project Browser Context Menus

Project Browser Toolbar


The Package Browser -  a tabular, editable view of elements in a selected Package, which can be displayed in the main workspace


Package Browser

The Diagram List - a tabular, editable view of elements in a selected diagram, which can be displayed in the main workspace


Diagram List

Model Views provide different perspectives and 'entry points' into your model


Model Views

A Diagram Slide Show displays a number of related diagrams in a presentation, for illustration and comparison of features of your model.


Diagram Slide Show

The Pan and Zoom window helps you to navigate around very large diagrams.


The Pan & Zoom Window

The Summary View provides a quick overview of the currently-selected element, attribute, operation, Test item or Maintenance item. The Summary View immediately displays general information on the item in context, so you can quickly scan a number of items to locate and check those of interest to you.

Select the View | Summary View menu option.


View Menu