Create a new Repository Sub-tree

When you set up Subversion as your version control tool, it is good practice to create a new repository sub-tree in Subversion for each new Enterprise Architect model.  The sub-tree can be used to control the Package files for your model.

Create a new sub-tree in the Subversion Repository



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Use Windows Explorer to create a temporary directory on your PC file system, to be imported into the Subversion repository as a new repository sub-tree. The directory would have this structure:





Open a Windows command prompt, navigate to tempDir and issue the Subversion command import.

For example;

C:\Documents and Settings\user> cd \tempDir

C:\tempDir> svn import .
   --message "Repository Initialization"


Subversion repository administration basics


On your PC, delete the temporary directory structure (tempDir) and all its contents.




·After the import is finished, the original tree is not converted into a Subversion working copy; you should delete the temporary structure and check out a fresh working copy of the tree
·The process described above can also be performed using TortoiseSVN's Repository Browser, which provides commands for simply creating new folders directly in the repository