Merge Package with XMI

When importing a Package from XMI into the model, the existing Package and its contents will be deleted and replaced with the content imported from XMI. If you have made changes to the model Package that have not been captured in the XMI and you want to keep these changes, you can merge the content of the XMI file with the Package in the model.

Access     Project | Model Import/Export | Import Package From XMI  (Ctrl+Alt+I): Use Merge File

Merge Package options



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Displays the name of the currently-selected Package, the contents of which will be merged with the imported XMI file.

If this is not the required Package, click on the PackBrowseIcon button and select the correct Package.



XMI File

Type in the directory path and filename of the XMI file, or click on the Browse button and locate the file.



Merge File

Type in or browse to the directory path and filename of the merge file, generated using the Export Package to XMI dialog.

The field defaults to show the merge file in the same location as the XMI file.


Export to XMI

Baseline Package before Merge

Select the checkbox to show the Create Baseline dialog, to baseline the selected Package before merging the XMI file.

You can use this baseline to roll back to the content of the pre-merged Package, if required.


Manage Baselines

Compare Package with Baseline after Merge

Select the checkbox to automatically compare the Package with the Baseline once the merge is complete.

This checkbox is enabled when the Baseline Package before Merge option (above)has been checked.




Click on this button to merge the Package and its contents with the contents of the XMI file.




Click on this button to close the Merge Package with XMI dialog.




Click on this button to display this Help page.




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