SELECT Parameter

The Query parameter specifies the Requirement properties to be retrieved; it is similar to the SELECT clause of an SQL statement. This parameter must be appended to the base URI of the Query Capability in Enterprise Architect:


The syntax for the Query parameter (defined in BNF grammar and as specified in the OSLC Query Syntax Specification) is:


These example queries act on a model called firebird_model connected by the Cloud:



http://localhost:480/firebird_model/oslc/qc/? dcterms:title

Retrieves the OSLC property title of all the Requirements.



Retrieves the OSLC properties title, creator and version of all the Requirements.



Retrieves all the OSLC properties of all the Requirements.



Returns an error response, as name is not a valid property in Enterprise Architect.



·This facility is available through the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering or Ultimate editions


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