The Gantt View

Using the Gantt View, you can visualize elements and assigned resources in a Gantt Chart format, to review the breakdown of work for a specific project. The Gantt View illustrates a project schedule by showing the start and finish dates of  assigned resources, so that a Project Manager can quickly see the current project status using the percent-complete bar shading and the percent-complete, resource name and status columns.

Overdue items can quickly be identified in red by selecting the Toggle Highlight of Overdue Items option from the Gantt view�s context menu.

There are four different Gantt Views available within Enterprise Architect:

·Diagram Gantt View - Show all the elements on a diagram in a Gantt Chart - view or assign resources to them
·Personal Tasks - Show all the elements in the model that you have been assigned as a resource to work on
·Project Gantt View - Show all the resources in the model and what elements they have been assigned to
·Package Browser Gantt View - Show all the elements in a Package and its sub-Packages and see what resources have been assigned to them

Access     On diagram | Right-click on background | View as Gantt, or
        Project | Personal Tasks, or
        Project | Gantt View, or
        Project Browser | Right-click on Package | Package Browser | Gantt View

Gantt View




·Items in the list pane can be filtered; right-click on the column headings in the list pane to toggle the Filter Bar between hidden or shown, or to edit the filter

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