Selecting a Cover Page

A cover page defines the text, styles, graphics and layout of the front page of a document. Enterprise Architect provides two standard cover pages, one for portrait documents and one for landscape documents, which you can apply to your document reports independent of the report template and Stylesheet you are using. Your report designers can copy these standard cover pages as the bases for custom cover pages that reflect your corporate styles, logos and document naming conventions.

The cover page templates can contain fields that automatically extract and display data such as:

·The report type
·The Package or element being reported on
·The version of the report
·The status of the report
·The date on which the report was generated
·The name of the person who generated the report
·The location of the report file
·Any logos or graphics to be displayed on the front page


In using a cover page, you do not need to spend time defining the inclusion and display of the report title and provenance - it is already prepared for you. You can access the cover page templates from the Cover Page drop-down list on the Generate tab of the Generate Documentation dialog.


·If you have custom report templates that already contain the cover page definitions you want, you can still apply them by just setting the Cover Page field on the Generate tab to <none>

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