Make Internal Requirement External

Elements in Enterprise Architect have internal requirements, or responsibilities (what they must do or accomplish). These can overlap or duplicate more formal requirements that the system in general must meet, so you might decide to make a single element's internal requirement into an external Requirement element (where the requirement can perhaps be implemented by multiple elements). You can make this conversion in one operation, using the Move External function.

Access     On a diagram or in the Project Browser, right-click on element and select:
Properties > Requirements or
Properties Page | Requirements

Change an element's internal requirement into an external Requirement element



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Right-click on the internal requirement to change to an external requirement.

A short context menu displays.




Click on the Move External menu option.

The Find Package dialog displays.




Locate and click on the Package to place the new Requirement element in.




Click on the OK button.

A new Requirement element is created in the target Package, with a Realization connector from the current element to the Requirement.

In the Properties dialog, the Requirement is now marked with a Yes in the External column, and the dialog fields are grayed out. To edit its details, double-click on the Requirement. The Requirement element's own Properties dialog displays.




·When an internal requirement is made into an external Requirement element, the Stability field and its value for the internal requirement are translated into the Stability Tagged Value in the external Requirement


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