Configure Recording Detail

To avoid generating too complex a Sequence diagram, you must control the scope of what is being recorded by:

·Filtering - using  the Analyzer Script  you can exclude specific modules, Classes and functions from the recording

Access    Analyzer | Execution Analyzer (Shift+F12)   Double-click on required Analyzer Script > Recording




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If the Enable Filter checkbox is selected on the Recording page of the Execution Analyzer Script Editor, the debugger excludes calls to matching methods from the generated Sequence history and diagram; the comparison is case-sensitive.

To add a value, click on the New (Insert) icon in the right corner of the Exclusion Filters box, and type in the comparison string; each filter string takes the form:




The class_name_token excludes calls to all methods of a Class or Classes that have a name matching the token; the string can contain the wildcard character * (asterisk).

The method_name_token excludes calls to methods having a name that matches the token; again, the string can contain the wildcard character *.

Both tokens are optional; if no Class token is present, the filter is applied only to global or public functions (that is, methods not belonging to any Class).


Managing Analyzer Scripts

Analyzer Script Editor


In the Java example below, the debugger would exclude:

·Calls to the OnDraw method for the Class Example.common.draw.DrawPane
·Calls to any method of any Class having a name beginning with Example.source.Collection
·Calls to any constructor for any Class (such as <clint> and <init>)


In the Native Code example below, the debugger would exclude:

·Calls made to Standard Template Library namespace
·Calls to any Class beginning with TOb
·Calls to any method of Class CLock
·Calls to any Global or Public Function with a name beginning with Get
·Calls to the method GetLocation for Class Ctrain





To Filter

Use Filter Entry

All public functions having a name beginning with Get from the recording session (for example, GetClientRect in Windows API).



All methods beginning with Get for every Class member method.


All methods beginning with Get from the Class CClass.


All methods for Class CClass.


All methods for Classes belonging to Standard Template and Active Template Libraries.



The specific method GetName for Class CClass.


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