State Machine Table Conventions


·Deleting a Trigger removes it completely from the model, therefore you cannot UNDO a Trigger deletion
·There is a <None> column at the end of the Event heading row; this is for Transitions that have no Trigger information


From the Toolbox you can insert the following State element types only (although the State Machine table might pick up and display other types, such as Submachine State):



The Transition cell displays its properties in one of two ways, depending on the State Machine table format.; if the State Machine table format is State - Trigger or Trigger - State, the Transition cell displays the Guard and Target as shown below:



If the State Machine table format is State - Next State, then the Transition cell displays the Trigger, Guard and Effect as shown below:



In the State Machine table, you can edit the Guard and Effect in place. If the Guard or Effect is empty for your selected Transition cell, the cell displays an ellipsis ( ... ) instead; click twice (not double-click) on the ellipsis to type in the Guard and Effect names.