Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

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Troubleshooting WebEA

If WebEA users experience any problems in using the interface, their first contact point will be the Web Administrator. You have the responsibility of maintaining the webea_config.ini file, the web site and environment WebEA, and WebEA's communications with the Pro Cloud Server. Dependent on the problem being experienced, you might refer to the System Administrator for the Pro Cloud Server site, or the Project Manager for the model.

WebEA is not accessible

On initial set up, check that the web server can communicate with the Pro Cloud Server on the specified IP address and port.

See Browser Test on the  Cloud Server Troubleshooting Help page.

Check that the IP address and port are correctly set in the webea_config.ini file.

In routine operation, also confirm that the server is running.

WebEA Error Messages



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Connection refused

There was no response from the server, check that server is running!

Possible reasons:

  • Pro Cloud Service is not installed
  • Pro Cloud Service is not running
  • Pro Cloud Service is not listening on the expected port

OSLC not supported

Your server is not configured to support OSLC.

WebEA communicates to Sparx Systems Cloud Service via OSLC, but the defined Sparx Systems Cloud Service has been configured to not allow OSLC requests.

Incorrect login details

The specified login details were not valid for the current model!

The supplied user ID and password combination did not match any user credentials defined in the model.

Connection timed out

Request Error: Connection timed out after 5001 milliseconds.

Possible reasons:

  • invalid Cloud Server settings (sscs_*), WebEA can't connect to the defined server/port
  • appache/PHP web server requires a proxy server to reach the cloud service machine and the proxy settings defined in the .config file are are incorrect/invalid

Failed to Connect

Request Error: Failed to connect to port yy: Connection refused

Check that the 'sscs_port =' option in the webea_config.ini file matches the port setting in your Pro Cloud Service configuration file (SSCloudServices.config).

Note that, if the Cloud Service is being re-directed via IIS, you must ensure this matches the IIS port used for the Pro Cloud Service.

The configured database is not defined

The configured database is not defined in the Cloud Service.

Check the  'sscs_db_alias =' option in the webea_config.ini file. This must correspond to the 'Database Alias' defined in Add Database Manager.

Add Database Manager

Unknown Protocol

Unknown protocol!  Get system administrator to confirm that the correct protocol and port have been configured.

Possible reasons:

  • Would normally occur if there is a mismatch between the connection settings, ie sscs_use_ssl has been set to true but a protocol of HTTP was specified

No response when selecting an Object

After WebEA loads the initial page (the model root or default diagram), there is no response to selecting objects.

Possible reasons:

  • Check that the user's browser has javascript enabled
  • Check that PHP has been installed correctly on the server to cover the loading of PHP's CURL.
  • Also check your PHP version. It must be greater than PHP 5.0 with all extensions supported.

Web Browser Issues

F5 returns to the model root

Pressing the F5 key returns focus to the model root.

The browser refresh/reload key - F5 - will re-load the model root because the browser cannot track the change history of the app.

This is intended behavior - do not use browser function keys, use the app keys,

Browser Back button loses Model View

Clicking on the browser Back button loses the model view.

Navigation must be performed within the web app to ensure the History Path and Global Path are maintained correctly. Do not  use the web browser Back arrow for navigating pages.

No Model elements are accessible

On the 'Login in' page you can select a model and log into it, but selecting a root node has no effect.

Check that the browser on the user's device has JavaScript enabled.

If sections of the model, or certain elements, are not accessible it is likely that the user does not have access permissions to open or edit them. Refer to the Project Manager responsible for the model.

Not accessing hyperlinks in the model

Hyperlinks to external points such as web pages and Enterprise Architect Help files will not operate.

The user's browser might be set to not allow pop-ups. Check the browser settings to allow pop-ups and hence external hyperlinks for this site.

On entering a URL to the web browser, it returns no response, although it is operating on other machines addressing the same IP address.

  • Check that the browser is not re-directed with a Proxy server and hence has no access to the IP address
  • Check that the web browser has JavaScript enabled