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WebEA Install and Config

The Sparx Systems Pro Cloud Server product is installed using a standard Windows Installer package that includes a number of optional components.  One of these components is WebEA, which is installed by default.  It is possible to change the install location of WebEA; however, if the defaults are used WebEA will be installed into the C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Cloud Services\WebEA\  folder (assuming a 64bit machine is being used).

WebEA Server Requirements

In order to run WebEA in your environment you must have:

  • A Web Server (Apache or IIS) capable of hosting a PHP 5.0+ website
  • The cURL PHP extension
  • Communication between the web server and the server hosting the Pro Cloud Server
  • A base folder (on the web server) to store the WebEA website pages

Installation Steps

The installation of WebEA consists of a number of steps. Depending on your environment, some of these steps might be completed by different people. However, to get WebEA working, this process must be undertaken.  For this process, it is assumed that the Pro Cloud Server has already been installed.


Decide what models are going to be available to WebEA users.

At the same time it is worth considering these points, which will determine the configuration options of each model.

  • Is user security currently configured on the model?
  • Should WebEA users be prompted for their model user and password?
  • Should WebEA users be able to view element discussions?
  • Should WebEA users be able to add element discussions?
  • Should WebEA users be able to insert new objects, and if so, what types?
  • Should WebEA users be able to add new element features, and if so, what types?
  • Should WebEA users be able to edit element notes?
  • Should WebEA users be able to edit test elements?
  • Should WebEA users be able to edit resource allocation elements?
  • What is the default list of watchlist items for the model?


Ensure that there are defined connections for each model decided on in step 1, in the Cloud Service's database manager list.  The process to do this is the same as the one outlined in the regular Sparx Systems Cloud Service.


Ensure that each of the models decide on in step 1, has its 'Pro Features' option enabled.

This is achieved with the  'Sparx Systems Cloud Services Configuration Client', select a model, click the Configure button and enable the 'Pro Features' option.


Ensure  the 'OSLC_SUPPORT' option is set to '1' in the SSCloudServices.config file for all Cloud Services ports that will be accessed by WebEA models.


Define and configure a website for WebEA in your web server.

As there are many different web servers and configurations, creating the web site for WebEA, deciding what port the web server will listen to, making sure the website is secure to external attacks, is all outside the scope of this documentation.


Copy the contents of the entire installation WebEA folder ('C:\Program Files (x86)\Sparx Systems\Cloud Services\WebEA\') to the base folder of the website.

Note: we recommend that the \includes\ folder within the WebEA folder is severely restricted so that only PHP can access the file within since it will contain sensitive information.  For example in apache this is achieve with the following entry in apache configure file.

<Directory "{website_path}/includes">

AllowOverride none

options none

Require all denied



Edit the  \includes\webea_config.ini'  file and define each of the model decided on in step 1.

See {section} for more details on what each options means in WebEA's config file.

Model Configuration


WebEA incorporates certain components developed by third parties. Sparx Systems acknowledges the contribution made to the WebEA product by these components.

  • jQuery v1.12.3  - jQuery Foundation
  • NicEdit ©2007-2008, Brian Kirchoff, under license from MIT
  • Date Picker for jQuery v5.1.1, Keith Wood, under license from MIT