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Script Debugging

Script debugging aids in the development and maintenance of model scripts, and monitoring their activity at the time of execution. While debugging a script, you can:

  • Control execution flow using the 'Debug', 'Step Over', 'Step Into', 'Step Out' and 'Stop Script' buttons on the Script Editor toolbar
  • Set Breakpoints, Recording Markers and Tracepoint Markers
  • Use the Debug window to view output generated by the script
  • Use the Locals window to inspect values of variables, including objects from the Automation Interface
  • Use the Record & Analyze window to record a Sequence diagram of the script execution



Code > Tools > Scripting > Scripts > right-click on [script name] > Debug Script


Script Editor window toolbar : Click on the toolbar icon

Begin debugging a model script



See also


Open a model script in the Script Editor.

Scripts Tab Script Editor


Set any Breakpoints on the appropriate line(s) of code.

Marker Types Setting Code Breakpoints


Click on the toolbar icon (Debug).


  • Script debugging is supported for VBScript, JScript and Javascript
  • VBScript and JScript require the Microsoft Process Debug Manager to be installed on the local machine; this is available through various Microsoft products including the free 'Microsoft Script Debugger'
  • Breakpoints are not saved for scripts and will not persist when the script is next opened
  • While debugging, script output is redirected to the Debug window

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