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Model Transformation

Getting to know the Model Transformation



Introducing Model Transformation

Model Transformations are a productivity tool that allow models to be manipulated to create more specialized or resolved models. The transformations can be applied to produce a variety of output models including logical and physical data models, XML Schema models, programming languages and more. The Model Driven Architecture (MDA) transformations use a flexible and fully configurable template system.

Where to find Model Transformation

Ribbon: Design > Tools > Transform > Transform Selection

Usage of Model Transformation

Model Transformations can be used as a productivity tool to transform a primitive model to a more resolved model. There is a wide range of built-in transformations, including:

  • Generating from a Class model to a programming language model, including C++, C#, PHP, Java and many more
  • Generating from a Class model to a data model, including ERD, Oracle, SQL Server, XSD and WSDL models
  • Generating from a Class model to a test model, including NUnit and JUnit test models and more

Options for Model Transformation

Model Transformations are completely configurable using a powerful, simple and flexible template system. This includes the flexibility to create new user defined transformations and modify or extend existing ones.

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Model Transformation