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FEAF Business Reference Model Toolbox Page

The FEAF Business Reference Model (BRM) provides a framework facilitating a functional (rather than organizational) view of the enterprise’s lines of business (LoBs), including its internal operations and its services.

FEAF Business Reference Model Toolbox




A Package in which to capture the Business Reference Model (BRM).

Tagged Values – Version

Business Area

The high-level organizing layer of the BRM, capturing high-level categories relating to the business purpose and objectives.

Tagged Values – BusinessAreaID, Definition

Business Line

Captures the lines of business of the enterprise.

Tagged Values – BusinessLineID, Definition, Referencing Business Area


Represents the lowest level of granularity in the BRM, grouping functionalities related to each line of business.

Tagged Values – SubFunctionID, Definition, Referencing BusinessLine, Referencing Business Area