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If you are working with Parameterized Classes or Binding Classes, you can use the 'Templates' tab of the Class's 'Properties' dialog to define:

  • The Parameterized Class template parameters and
  • The Binding expressions on a Binding Class


Open the 'Templates' page of the element's 'Properties' dialog, using any of the methods outlined here.

In the 'Template Parameter(s)' panel, click on the Add button to add a new parameter, or click on an existing parameter and on the Edit button to edit the parameter; in either case, the 'Template Parameter' dialog displays.

In the 'Binding(s)' panel, click on the Add button to add a new binding expression or click on an existing expression and on the Edit button to edit the expression. When you click on the Add button, a short context menu displays from which you select the type of relationship to generate, and then you define the binding expressions.

If either a template parameter or a binding expression is no longer required, click on it and then click on the corresponding Delete button.


Design > Element > Manage > Properties > Templates

Design > Element > Manage > Specific Properties Page > General > Templates

Context Menu

Right-click on element | Properties > Templates   or

Right-click on element | Properties Page | General > Templates

Keyboard Shortcuts

Alt+Enter : Templates


Double-click on Element : Templates

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