Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Console Tab


This facility is available in the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions.

The script console is a tab of the Scripter window. It is a command line interpreter with which you can quickly enable a script engine and enter commands to act on the script.


You type the commands in the field at the bottom of the tab; when you press the [Enter] key, the script console executes the commands and displays any output immediately.

You can input two types of command:

  • Console commands
  • Script commands.

Console Commands

Console commands are preceded by the ! character and instruct the console to perform an action. The available console commands are listed below; to list these commands on the Console tab itself (as shown above) type? in the console field (without the preceding ! character) .

  • c(lear) - clears the console display
  • sa(ve) - saves the console display to a file
  • h(elp) - prints a list of commands, as for ?
  • VB - opens a VBScript console
  • JA - opens a JavaScript console
  • JS - opens a JScript console
  • st(op) - closes any script running console
  • i(nclude) name - executes the named script item; name is of the format GroupName.ScriptName (spaces are allowed in names)
  • ? - (without the !) lists commands
  • ?name - Outputs the value of a variable name (only if a script console is opened).

Script Commands

A script command is script code that depends on the script engine. Script commands can be executed only once a script console has been created.


The following lines, entered into the console, create a VBScript console and then execute the script MyScript in the user group MyGroup.


>!i MyGroup.MyScript

The following lines, entered into the console, create a JScript console and then create a variable called x with the value 1.


>var x = 1

The following diagram shows the result of entering the above JScript example. Remember that you can use ?<variable name> to get the current value of any item you have created during the console session.


Console Tab Toolbar

The Console tab has two operations available through the toolbar:

  • Open Console (Runscript) - click on the down-arrow and select to open a VBScript console, JScript console or JavaScript console
  • Stop Script ( Stopscript) - click to stop an executing script and close the current console.