Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Add a Diagram to a Package

A diagram is a representation of the components or elements of your model and, depending on the type of diagram, how those elements are connected or how they interact.

When you first create a project, Enterprise Architect provides simple examples of diagrams appropriate to your selected model patterns, with annotations. You can edit these diagrams, but here we create a new one.
Click on your new package and, in the Project Browser toolbar, click on the New Diagram icon NewDiagramIcon.

The New Diagram dialog displays.



When you create a package, if you leave the Automatically add new diagram option selected, the New Diagram dialog displays automatically.

Click on a diagram category in the Select From panel, and a diagram type in the Diagram Types panel, then click on the OK button. Enterprise Architect adds a diagram object to the package, with the same name as the package. It also opens the Diagram View for your diagram, in the center of the screen.

Add Elements to a Diagram and a Package

Now add some elements.

Additional Information

For additional information on diagrams and adding them to a project, see UML Diagrams and Add New Diagrams.