You can configure and access element details using the Element menu. This enables you to control element layout, generate documentation and manage project resources.

Menu Option & Function Keys

Use to

Properties  [Alt]+[Enter]

View the Properties dialog of the selected element.

Add Tagged Value  [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[T]

Add a Tagged Value to the currently selected element.

Linked Document  [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[D]

Link the element to a rich text document.

Attributes  [F9]

View and edit the attributes for the selected element.

Operations  [F10]

View and edit the operations (methods) for the selected element.

Inline Features

See the element Inline Features Submenu.

Feature Visibility  [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Y]

Select which features and characteristics of the selected element are visible on a diagram.


See the element Advanced Submenu.

Rich Text Format (RTF) Report

Generate a report for the currently selected package in rich text format.

Source Code Engineering

See the element Source Code Engineering Submenu.

Open Source in External Editor  [F12]

Open the source code of the selected Class in the default external editor for that language. (Source code must have been generated, and the selected element must be a Class.)

Find in Project Browser  [Alt]+[G]

Find the currently selected element in the Project Browser window. (If no element is selected, finds the current diagram in the Project Browser window.)

Find in Diagrams  [Ctrl]+[U]

Display all occurrences of the currently selected element.

Custom References  [Ctrl]+[J]

Show model element cross references.


See the element Appearance Submenu.




See the element Position Submenus.

Make Same

Z Order



Space Evenly