Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

The Trial Version

The trial version of Enterprise Architect is identical to the registered edition with the exception that all diagrams are output to files with an embedded watermark.

If you are evaluating the Enterprise Architect trial version, note that the software operates for a limited period. The trial software stops working after the trial period has elapsed. To continue using Enterprise Architect when the trial period expires, you can either apply to extend the trial period (see below), or purchase and register a full license. On purchase of a suitable license or licenses, the registered version is made available for download.

The latest information on pricing and purchasing is available at: Sparx Systems Purchase/Pricing Website.

For more information, contact

When you order and pay for an edition of Enterprise Architect, you receive installation instructions and the location of the executable files for download. See the following topics:

If you already have a full license edition of Enterprise Architect and want to register Add-Ins or upgrade to the Professional, Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering or Ultimate editions, see the License Management topic.

Try Out Editions

When you start up the Enterprise Architect trial version, the Select Trial Version prompt displays:


This enables you to select the edition of Enterprise Architect to evaluate, by clicking on the appropriate radio button. The prompt also directs you to useful information such as a comparison of the different editions, or a walkthrough of the Enterprise Architect facilities. When using Enterprise Architect, you can select from a range of workspace layouts; the  Select Trial Version prompt enables you to select the initial layout to use.

Extend Trial Period

If you are testing the trial version and need more than 30 days to evaluate it, you can apply to Sparx Systems Sales ( for an extension of the trial period. This extension can be an additional 30. Sparx Systems Sales send you an extension key by email.


The trial period must expire before you can enter the extension key.

To extend the trial period, after receipt of your extension key, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Enterprise Architect trial version. The Evaluation Version of Enterprise Architect dialog displays.


Once the trial period has expired, you cannot proceed beyond this dialog without extending the trial period.

  1. Press [Ctrl] whilst you click on the Continue Trial button. The Upgrade Key dialog displays.
  2. In the Upgrade Key field, type or copy-and-paste the extension key you received from Sparx Systems Sales.
  3. Click on the OK button. Enterprise Architect confirms that your trial period has been extended.

Your trial period is extended by the period of days stated in the email from Sparx Systems Sales. You can now restart and use the Trial version of Enterprise Architect.