Please note : This help page is not for the latest version of Enterprise Architect. The latest help can be found here.

Diagram Tab

The Diagram tab of the diagram Properties dialog enables you to define the representation of the diagram.



Use to

Use Alias if Available

Display the element alias as the name if the alias is specified.

Show Additional Parents

Show the name of all parents not in the current diagram for all Classes and interfaces.

Show Page Border

Show a page border to align elements with.

Show Diagram Details

Show diagram details in a note in the top left corner of the diagram. (Deselect to hide the diagram details.)

Show Sequence Notes

Show the Sequence Notes on the current diagram.

Show Namespace

Show the namespace of each element on the diagram, under the element; that is, PackageName::ElementName.

Always Open as Element List

Always display the diagram contents as an Element List rather than as a diagram.

Page Setup

See Scale Image to Page Size.

Print Page Header and Page Footer

Add page headers and footers to a print-out of the diagram. The headers and footers are generated from the diagram characteristics, such as the name of the creator and the date of modification.

RTF Document Options

Options for generating RTF reports for a particular diagram.

Exclude image from RTF documents

Exclude this diagram image from any RTF document generated on the parent package or element.

Document each contained element in RTF

Include documentation on each element in the diagram, in any RTF document generated on the parent package or element.

See also the Generate RTF Documentation dialog.

Divide Diagram into Multiple Pages

Divide each large diagram into separate pages in the RTF document.


This option is only effective when the Scaled Printing option is set to None on the Print Advanced dialog.

Rotate Images

Rotate each diagram image by 90 degrees in the RTF document.


Only valid for bitmap (.bmp) images.