Diagram Context Menu

To open the diagram context menu, open the required diagram and right-click on the diagram background.

Not all the menu options shown below appear on all diagram context menus.


The diagram context menu enables you to:


This does not apply if security is enabled in the Corporate, Business and Software Engineering, Systems Engineering and Ultimate editions. In that case, see the Lock Model Elements topic.

  • Display the diagram contents as an Element List instead of as a diagram
  • Insert various elements and connectors into a diagram
  • Paste copied element(s) as a link or as new elements
  • Paste an image held on the clipboard into the diagram
  • Make all the elements on the diagram selectable. If an element is selectable, you can move it around the diagram and perform right-click context-menu operations. If an element is unselectable, you cannot move it around the diagram and the only right-click operation available is to make the element selectable. This option has no effect on double-click operations on the element, such as displaying child diagrams.
  • Save the current diagram as a Profile
  • Import, or reverse engineer, source code (not available in the Desktop edition)
  • Save any changes to the current diagram
  • View the Enterprise Architect Help on the type of diagram currently displayed.