Element Multiple Selection Menu

You can perform operations on two or more elements on a diagram at once. To select the required elements, either click and drag the cursor over the group to highlight them, or press [Shift] and click on each element. Right-click on an element to display the following context menu:


This menu enables you to do the following:


Where elements are made the same, they are matched to the element you right-clicked on.

  • Align elements (by left edge, right edge, top, bottom, center in a column or center in a row)
  • Space elements evenly (across or down)
  • Standardize the dimensions of the selected elements
  • Specify the visibility of features for all selected elements
  • Add the same Tagged Value to all selected elements
  • Automatically resize elements to match (element content permitting)
  • Turn the Dockable option on or off for all selected elements on a diagram
  • Set the default appearance and font for multiple elements at once
  • Make the selected elements on the diagram non-selectable; to make them selectable again, right-click on the diagram and select the Make All Elements Selectable context menu option
  • Generate code for all selected elements at once, or synchronize the code against the selected elements
  • Transform the selected elements
  • Copy all selected elements to the clipboard
  • Automatically adjust the layout of the selected elements on the diagram
  • Delete all selected elements.


It is much faster to assign an appearance or characteristic to a group of elements than to one element at a time.