Insert Elements and Connectors

When you click on the New Element or Connector option on the Diagram context menu, a list of elements and connectors displays, as shown below for a Class diagram:


The structure of this list is as follows:

  • Other - expands to offer options to select elements and connectors from diagram types other than either the current diagram type or pinned Toolbox pages
  • The expanded list of elements and connectors for the current diagram type
  • Collapsed lists of elements and connectors for pages that have been pinned in the Toolbox; if an MDG Technology:
  • is active
  • automatically pins Toolbox pages, and
  • has pages that redefine UML or Extended pages

the MDG Technology pages override the UML or Extended pages, which are not shown

  • (At the end) Common - expands to display a list of the common elements and connectors.