Insert Related Elements

The Insert Related Elements dialog can be accessed from the Add | Related Elements option on most element context menus. This dialog enables you to insert connected elements from elsewhere in the model into the current diagram.


You can specify the following details:


Use to

Insert elements to: «x» levels

Select the level down to which to insert connected elements, between levels 1 and 5.

You can select levels 4 or 5 to see how far the element/relationship hierarchy extends, but as this can produce a complicated and tangled diagram, it is better to use level 1 or 2 on selected elements in turn.

For Link Type

Select a type of connector to limit the inserted elements to those connected by that relationship type.

With Link Direction

Select whether the connectors are to be a single direction or bi-directional.

Limit to Element Type

Select a type of element to limit the inserted elements to those of that element type.

Layout Diagram When Complete

Select whether Enterprise Architect should layout the diagram after the elements have been inserted. The layout applied is the Digraph layout.


If no elements have been added, this option has no effect. Elements have to be added for Enterprise Architect to adjust the layout.

Limit to this Namespace

Select a specific namespace from which the inserted elements are to come.