Create Requirements

Within Enterprise Architect you can create external Requirement elements in a number of ways, such as:

  • Dragging a Requirement icon from the Toolbox into a specific diagram (which also adds the Requirement to the diagram's parent package - see below)
  • Generating an element within a specific package in the Project Browser - see below
  • Importing requirements from a spreadsheet application such as Excel, via CSV
  • Creating Requirement elements on the Element List for the selected package or diagram
  • Converting an internal responsibility into an external element, in a selected target package
  • Importing requirements from another requirements management tool, such as Telelogic DOORS (in this case via the Sparx Systems MDG Link For DOORS integration tool).


  • The Requirement element name can be simply descriptive text, with or without a manually-typed reference number. However, as requirements often have to have a unique reference for external checking, you can use the Enterprise Architect auto-numbering facility to automatically apply a numbering system with or without prefixes and suffixes. Set the element type to Requirement.
  • External Requirement elements can be displayed with or without an identifying E in the top right corner. To toggle display of this letter, select or deselect the Show stereotype icon for requirements checkbox on the Options dialog, Objects page (Tools | Options | Objects).
  • Requirement elements can be color coded to indicate their status; see the Color Code External Requirements topic.

Create Requirement Elements Within a Diagram

To create Requirement elements in a diagram, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Custom pages on the Toolbox.
  2. Drag the Requirement element onto the current diagram.
  3. Enter the Name and other details for the requirement.

Enterprise Architect creates a Requirement element in the current diagram and in the diagram's parent package.

Create Requirement Elements in Project Browser

To create a requirement directly in the Project Browser, follow the steps below:

  1. Right-click on the required parent package to open the context menu.
  2. Select the Insert | New Element menu option. Alternatively, press [Ctrl]+[M].
  3. In the New Element dialog select the Requirement type.
  4. Enter the Name (or select Auto) and click on the OK button.

Enterprise Architect creates a requirement in the current package.